We examine malfunctions of the body that everyone faces daily & provide the support that leads to early resolution

Are you suffering from any of these health issues?

  • Back pain
  • Acute low back pain
  • Neck/shoulder pain/stiffness
  • Joint pain/various types of arthritis

  • Numbness in hands/feet
  • Headache
  • Arthritis
  • Frozen shoulder

Treatment Method

A condition called “joint dysfunction (discussed below)” plays a role in most of the issues above. Our clinic’s treatment method is to manually treat the problematic area where the joint dysfunction could be observed and normalize it. Furthermore, depending on the symptom(s), we could also take an Eastern medicine approach when appropriate and conduct acupuncture treatments.

Treatment Number

At the first consultation, we will look at the symptoms and determine the causes, as well as the appropriate treatment method. When that is done, we can develop a treatment plan. If the pain is acute, the standard number of treatments we recommend is one or two. For chronic pain, we generally recommend several continuous treatments; then, if the pain is relieved, the treatments will be conducted sporadically to maintain pain relief on an ongoing basis. Once the pain does not return, the treatment is complete.

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Why We Recommend Treatment

In today’s society, almost everyone over thirty has experienced some kind of muscle or joint pain. They tend to ignore the pain, convincing themselves with rationales like, “it’s not unmanageable” or “the pain doesn’t last too long.” But it’s important to know that oftentimes, these pains are precursors to significant health problems that can arise down the road.

Many people who get low acute back pain or herniated discs have previously experienced an awkward sensation or stiffness in their back. Some of those who pass the age of sixty must undergo surgery for lumbar spinal canal stenosis; most of these people had been suffering from chronic back pain and numbness in their feet since their forties.

Furthermore, for women, most everyone who has undergone surgery for hip replacement, or other knee or hip joint problems, state that “After I gave birth, I began to occasionally feel some uncomfortable sensations, but I was too busy with caring for my child that I ignored them.” If these problems had been treated when the symptoms first began showing, there is a high possibility that surgery would not have been necessary.

We Recommend Early Treatment

Some of you may think, “This is nothing more than a alternative therapy to temporary ease our minds.” But manual medicine has achieved great advancements over the years, evolving to such a degree that it has produced concrete treatment results. At our clinic, we recommend that you receive health maintenance and treatment as early as possible.



I’ve been having shoulder pain for a long time. By having Kataoka’s treatment, the pain has slowly gone and my body condition has also improved on a daily basis. I highly recommend his treatment!

Office Worker, Central London

Suffering from debilitating nerve pain in my back for a year and trying endless therapies to no avail, Noboru was able to treat in a non invasive and almost meditative way. Every week there was progress giving me the confidence that my life will resume to normality. Noboru has an extraordinary ability to heal in a most gentle manner and for this reason and without hesitation, I have referred him to my family and friends.

Former international team swimmer, London